Weiss Woods of Plum Creek

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Plum Pox:: Provides comprehensive information on this disease of stone fruit trees, commonly known as sharka, caused by the PPV virus. [PDF]

Plum Organics:: Discover Plum Organics' complete line of organic baby foods including fruit puree, cereal, toddler snacks & more. We promise to be your partner in nourishing the next generation! We strive to have a baby-sized footprint on the earth. It is our ultimate goal to do business in the most sustainable manner, and we are always seeking out ways to do it better.

Plum Organics:: Discover Plum Organic’s company highlights, background and B Score rating. Founded in 2006, Plum Organics is a pioneer and a leading provider of premium, nutritious organic baby food, toddler and kid snack food products.

Plum Tree Care:: Information on the cultivation of this fruit including varieties, tree shapes, planting, pruning and cropping.

Texas Plum Line:: Offers an assortment of gourmet Texas jam, syrup, cake and bread available separately or in gift baskets and boxes.

Beach Plum: A New Crop For New Markets:: Cornell University project to aid in establishing the fruiting shrub beach plum as a commercial crop. Illustrated cultivation and disease information, opportunities for member interaction.

Sugar Plum Chocolate and Gifts:: Chocolate, gift baskets, holiday items and pasta with unusual shapes such as cats or computers are offered for sale, or a catalog can be requested.

Plant Disease Control: Prune and Plum:: Detailed information on about twelve diseases which can affect these fruits and the control methods available.

Wilde Plum Farm of Georgia (Boer Goats):: Wilde Plum Farm of Georgia -- We sell Boer Goats in South Georgia - We have Articles and helpful information Links to full-blooded, pure-blooded and percentage Boer Goats for Sale in the United States, Boer Goat pictures, articles, web design, and pictures by David Parrott at the farm in Americus, Georgia

Woods Equipment Company:: Manufacturer of tractor-powered implements serving the agricultural, turf and grounds care, and industrial markets.

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