PPRP Atmospheric Deposition Measurement and Analysis

PPRP Atmospheric Deposition Measurement and Analysis Related

National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP):: US federal-state-NGO cooperative effort operating a national precipitation monitoring network to observe geographic and temporal trends in acidity, mercury, and other attributes. Includes data, maps, and meeting announcements.

U.S. Geological Survey Data and Reports on Acid Rain, Atmospheric Deposition and Precipitation Chemistry:: Information resources on acidic deposition in the United States.

Acid deposition Created by SM Enzler MSc:: Acid deposition is a general name for a number of phenomena, namely acid rain, acid fog and acid mist. This means it can imply both wet and dry (gaseous) precipitation. Acid deposition is a rather well known environmental problem, for example acid fog killed several thousand people in London in 1952. Acid deposition is concerned with long-range rather than local effects. Pollutants are mixed in the atmosphere and therefore usually cannot be attri

McKinney Measurement:: Gas-measurement equipment for oil field applications - individualized kits for meter tubes, orifice plates, leveling saddles, Barton meters.

Droplet Measurement Technologies:: Developers and manufacturers of instruments that accurately size and count cloud droplets, cloud condensation nuclei, dust, black carbon and ice crystals.

Measure Instruments: Measurement and Control:: Moisture and temperature meters for grains, cereals, hay bales, feed, forage and soils including monitors to measure moisture of products in continuous processes.

Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation:: Provides radon testing and mitigation in indoor air and water in Front Range Rocky Mountains area. NEHA certified. Photos of common and alternative mitigation systems.

EMF Services - Field Measurement and Remediation:: Provides electromagnetic field measurement surveys, remediation services, and home design consultations.

YSA Atmospheric Modeling:: Yamada Science and Art Corporation (YSA), located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, specializes in computer modeling of atmospheric airflows and the dispersion of airborne materials over complex terrain. YSA developed, markets, and provides user support for the three-dimensional atmospheric models HOTMAC and RAPTAD.

Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling:: An open source Wiki devoted to atmospheric dispersion modelling. Offers technical articles.

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Acid deposition Created by SM Enzler MSc
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