The SLAB Model

The SLAB Model Related

SCIPUFF Model:: The Titan Systems Corporation has developed a Lagrangian puff dispersion model. It employs second-order closure turbulence modeling techniques to relate the dispersion rate to velocity fluctuation statistics.

The ALOHA Model:: The Areal Location of Hazardous Atmospheres model (ALOHA) was developed by the USA's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for use in emergency responses to accidental releases of neutrally buoyant or heavier-than-air gases.

The AirQUIS Model:: The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) has developed an Air Quality Information System (AirQUIS) having: an emission inventory data base; dispersion models; and a geographical information system (GIS) module. The dispersion models include a source oriented model (EPISODE), a puff-trajectory model, and models for traffic in street canyons and on roads (ROADAIR and CONTILENK).

The DEGADIS model:: Dr. Tom Spicer and Dr. Jerry Havens of the University of Arkansas developed this model (for the U.S. Coast Guard and the Gas Research Institute) primarily for simulating the dispersion of denser-than-air flammable gases. The U.S. EPA later extended DEGADIS for dispersion modeling of vertical jets. Implementation of DEGADIS on personal computers was sponsored by the Gas Research Institute and the American Petroleum Institute.

Model Nursery Liners:: Produces and exports liners for shrubs, conifers, herbaceous, climbers, ferns, and grasses. Located in Moate, Ireland.

Fundy Model Forest, The:: Actively involved in projects spanning nine subject areas including wildlife, water quality, biodiversity, wood supply, socio-economics, recreation, soils, management planning, education and communications.

Manitoba Model Forest:: Working to develop new and innovative approaches to sustainable forestry practices in the boreal forest.

Foothills Model Forest:: Features maps, slide shows, and research projects in sustainable forest management.

Canadian Model Forest Network:: Building partnerships in sustainable forest management and striving for innovative solutions to forest management challenges.

Eastern Ontario Model Forest:: Dedicated to researching and demonstrating approaches to sustainable forestry in eastern Ontario.

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