California Air Resources Board

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California Rice Promotion Board::

California Fig Advisory Board:: Your resource for fig nutrition, recipes, industry, history and retail information.

California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB):: The CMAB was formed in 1969 to promote California dairy products in an ever-growing and competitive marketplace. It operates on the principle that a healthy dairy industry is just as important to consumers as it is to milk producers, and that the ready availability of California dairy products contributes to the good health and well-being of the state's population. The California Milk Advisory Board, an instrumentality of the California Departmen

California Department of Water Resources:: Manages the state's water resources and protects, restores, and enhances the natural and human environments.

Consultants on Air Resources Management:: A firm based in Hungary that provides atmospheric environmental impact assessments for Central Europe based on local meteorological data and relevant models.

NOAA's Air Resources Laboratory (ARL):: Within the U.S.'s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the ARL conducts research on the transport, dispersion, transformation, and removal of atmospheric pollutants - leading to the development of air quality and dispersion models. The ARL also supports other U.S. agencies. In particular, the ARL's Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATTD) and Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division (ASMD) support the U.S. EPA in deve

University of California, Davis -Center for Water and Wildland Resources:: Charged with stimulating and coordinating research and information dissemination on a wide variety of issues related to the natural resources of California.

Cotton Board:: Oversees the Cotton Research and Promotion Program.

Popcorn Board:: A non-profit organization funded by U.S. popcorn processors. The Board strives to raise the awareness of U.S. popcorn as a snack through domestic and international marketing efforts.

K2 Message Board::

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