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Global Emission Trading (GET):: GET aims to cease the impact on the planet by providing clean technology and the products for use in the home, that will revolutionize the way we live and use energy. Our objective is to radically reduce the impact of carbon emissions, by offsetting all our emissions into carbon sinks.

State of Michigan's Air Emission Trading Program:: Department of Environmental Quality of the State of Michigan's information on trading including rules, trading registry, and trading forms.

Emission Technologies:: Offers air quality testing and emissions monitoring, modeling, and permitting. Based in the U.S.

Emission Statement:: Offers carbon management and offsetting to businesses and individuals.

Emission Assessments:: Based in Perth, Western Australia, Emission Assessments is an independent and trusted advisor providing technical consulting, testing services, auditing and products to monitor, reduce and remove pollutants from air, water and land. Led by Giacomo Collica, a recognised leader throughout Australia in emission monitoring applications – the company combines substantial industry experience, talented and highly skilled scientists ensuring credible,

Micro Emission Ltd:: Micro Emission was established to explore small applications that deliver big and bright possibilities. The following information is our corporate policy: Micro Emission contributes to resolution of global environmental problems (antipolution measures, energy conservation, prevention of global warming etc.) by providing practical analytical systems based on latest research result. Main research area is the application of microchannel. Our tech

Apex Emission Testing:: Supplier of stack and vent emissions testing services throughout Southern Africa. Apart from isokinetic testing, also offers ambient air quality sampling and assessment services to industry.

Target Emission Services Inc.:: Target Emission Services Inc. provides a full range of fugitive emission management services to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. We specialize in the use of infrared optical thermal imaging to locate hydrocarbon gas leaks and vents. Our experience and innovative technology provides accurate, safe, and cost-effective detection & measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions.

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls:: Develops and sales emission control technologies for diesel or alternative fuel engines.

Energy & Emission Solutions (EES):: Since 2007, EES has focused on the acute global need of reducing harmful emissions and, simultaneously, enhancing the efficiencies of diesel and bunker-fuel engines. EES will do continuously research to deliver the best products, which will compliment and/or improve its technology package. Our focus is on the millions of engines in service around the world. Our solutions are currently being used in new & old engines, from trucks to large bunkerfu

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