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Killeen Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.:: Addresses indoor air quality needs worldwide, from a single dwelling to a Factory.

HeaterMeals: The Self-Heating Meal:: Home of HeaterMeals Self-Heating Emergency Meals and Meal Kits, Cafe2Go Self Heating Beverage Kits, which come with our MRE Heater for a ready to eat hot meal or beverage. The Number 1 Shelf-Stable, Emergency Meal Used by Emergency Agencies, and the Number 1 Meal in Nutrition and Self-Heating Technology!

Heating with Wood: Producing, Harvesting and Processing Firewood:: Provides information on the use of wood for fuel, the characteristics of different tree species, and the harvesting of timber, a process that can improve the quality and growth rates of the remaining trees. [PDF]

UK-AIR:: The UK-AIR (Air Information Resource) webpages are providing in-depth information on air quality and air pollution in the UK. A range of information is available, from the latest pollution levels, pollution forecast information, a data archive, and details of the various monitoring networks. UK-AIR is hosted and maintained by Ricardo-AEA on behalf of the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Devolved Administrations.

Air Tractor:: Manufacturing the Snow, Thrush, and since 1972 the Air Tractor agricultural aircraft.

Air-O-Fan:: Offers vineyard and orchard sprayers.

Vac-Air:: Manufacturer of processing equipment for the meat and poultry industry.

Air Burners, Inc.:: Air curtain destructors and incineration systems for wood waste and animal carcasses. Used in land clearing, natural disaster debris cleanup.

Air Tractor, Inc.:: Leading ag-aircraft manufacturer, located in Texas. Air Tractor builds the AT-402, AT-502, AT-602, as well as the largest ag-aircraft in the world, the AT-802A and AT-802F initial attack firefighting aircraft.

Field Air:: Aerial agricultural company providing spraying, baiting and other services to the rural industry in Eastern Australia.

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