Smoking and Ventilation Standards

Smoking and Ventilation Standards Related

Trapper's Creek Smoking Company:: Purveyors of smoked products from Alaska such as salmon, fish, lox, sausage, and gift packages of these items.

Schaefer Ventilation:: Ventilation and circulation fans for the greenhouse industry.

Vostermans Ventilation, Inc.:: Vostermans Ventilation is part of Vostermans Companies. Vostermans Ventilation develops, manufactures and distributes axial fans for the agricultural and industrial market worldwide. Vostermans Ventilation has developed a strong name as trustworthy partner with high quality products and logistic advantages. In co-operation with the other companies in the group, an aluminium foundry and a tooling and prototyping company, Vostermans Ventilation

The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Small Poultry Flocks:: This article explains the purposes of ventilation and how to ensure that there is adequate air exchange in the poultry house. [PDF]

Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality:: Explains about research that is being performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Offers explanation of ventilation rates, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), sick building syndrome, and particle filtration. Page includes information about projects, publications, and staff.

Food Standards Agency:: The Food Standards Agency is an independent Government department set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food. Everything we do reflects our vision of Safe food and healthy eating for all. The Agency carries out numerous formal consultations, inviting the views of the food industry, consumers and others on topics ranging from proposed changes in regulations to new food policy in

Government : EPA Safety Standards:: Rights and responsibilities when working in pesticide environment

British Columbia Organic Standards:: The Ministry of Agriculture's online version of the organic certification standards.

Old Dominion Jumps & Standards:: Hunter/Jumper barrier walls, gates, roll tops, coops, various standards, poles or rails, decorative jumps etc. as well as field course design and installation. Marshall, VA, United States.

Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association:: Dedicated to the continuous improvement of agrichemical warehouse performance in Canada through the establishment of standards.

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