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Ductbusters Indoor Pollution Control:: Partners with HVAC contractors and current duct cleaners, forming a national network of air duct cleaning specialists.

ACDoctor - Indoor Air Quality:: About identifying, preventing and correcting IAQ problems in residential settings. Commercial site.

The Indoor Air Quality Association:: Nonprofit organization conducting education and research. Offers professional training, testing, and credentials in air quality and mold remediation fields. Includes organization information and links to related sites.

Indoor Air Quality - HVAC:: Indoor air quality and your HVAC system. We are all well aware of the unavoidable pollution problems we encounter outdoors on a daily basis, but we really need to take a look at the indoor pollution problems inside of our home, school, workplace, or car where, according to the U.S. Environmental Agency, we spend 90% or more of each day. Of course we don’t have much control over the outdoor pollution we encounter, but we certainly can do somethi

Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products:: Safeguard Your Family with a Skuttle High-Capacity Air Cleaner. Today, under the capable leadership of President and CEO Davis Powers, and with the experience of Special Advisor and Member of the Board of Directors Marty Hansell, Skuttle continues to set industry standards for humidifiers, air cleaners and make-up air controls for residential applications. As it was in 1917, so it is today… Skuttle stakes its reputation on outstanding quality,

The Inside Story - A Guide to Indoor Air Quality:: EPA's booklet on IAQ.

MedlinePlus: Air Pollution:: News, overview documents, and prevention information on the subject of air polution.

Control Air Pollution:: Many industries are not able to use the Air Pollution Control plants properly due to deficiency in equipment/system design. Some industries also lack in proper operation and maintenance practice. With proper know-how it is possible to improve the performance of the existing Air Pollution Control Plants through minor modifications of the equipment/system and operating them properly. Shyamal Ghosh is in the field of Air Pollution Control Technology

Consulting Air Pollution Modelers:: A consulting group (located in North Clayton, Victoria, Australia) who provide: air pollution dispersion and consequence modeling services; complex terrain modeling; meteorological services; and training in dispersion modeling. The models used include AUSPLUME, AUSTOX, TAPAS, TAPM, AUSPUFF/CALPUFF, ISC3.

Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc.:: Design and supply of air pollution control equipment, systems and services for industrial and power generating facilities.

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