Industrial Center's Air Toxics Compliance Consortium

Industrial Center's Air Toxics Compliance Consortium Related

Toxics Action Center:: Trains and assists residents to wage campaigns against polluters and bureaucracies, pressuring officials to act to protect neighborhood health and safety.

Air Compliance Testing, Inc.:: Stack testing (EPA industrial air pollution testing), OSHA air compliance monitoring (Industrial Hygiene testing).

Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium:: Provides technical assessments on ozone and other problems of air quality in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Data and modeling reports available online.

Air & Noise Compliance:: An air quality and acoustic consulting firm (based in Plaistow, New Hampshire, USA) whose services include air dispersion modeling.

Industrial Air Solutions, Inc.:: Offers industrial vacuum cleaners including portable and central vacuums, dust collectors, and mist collection systems.

Center for Industrial Ecology:: Yale University's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies' Center for Industrial Ecology was established in September 1998 to provide an organizational focus for research in industrial ecology. The Center brings together Yale staff, students, visiting scholars, and practitioners to develop new knowledge at the forefront of the field. Research is carried out in collaboration with other segments of the Yale community, other academic institutions

Industrial Agricultural Products Center (IAPC):: Created by the University of Nebraska's governing board. Purpose of group is to promote the development of new industrial products that are made totally or partly from agricultural commodities, such as renewable energy and biodegradable plastics. Page includes list of current research projects and staff.

Center for Clean Air Policy:: Dedicated to the development of economically sound and environmentally robust solutions to both local air quality and global climate problems.

Support Center for Regulatory Air Models:: Extensive information from U.S. EPA on air pollution modeling software. Detailed description of mathematical models, guidance and other technical papers.

U.S. EPA's Support Center for Regulatory Air Models:: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency uses this site to provide information on the many dispersion models supporting regulatory programs required by U.S. law. All of the EPA's dispersion models and their Users' Manuals can be downloaded cost-free from here. An online forum is also provided for discussion/questions/answers on all aspects of the EPA's models.

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