National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory - U.S. EPA

National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory - U.S. EPA Related

Denver Vehicle Emissions Testing Program:: Describes the mandatory vehicle emissions testing program in the Denver-Boulder area of Colorado, including maps to emissions stations, testing requirements, help for failing vehicles and tips to keep from becoming a gross polluter.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - U.S. EPA:: Find an overview of what greenhouse gases are and read the online copy of the in-depth report 2009 Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks.

National Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita:: World Bank graph showing various countries and their levels of CO2 emissions per capita.

Zero Emissions Research and Technology: A National Resource for Geologic Sequestration Science:: ZERT is a research collaborative focused on understanding the basic science of underground (geologic) carbon dioxide storage to mitigate greenhouse gases from fossil fuel use and to develop technologies that can ensure the safety and reliability of that storage.

National Sedimentation Laboratory:: It emphasizes research dealing with soil erosion; transport and deposition of sediment; movement of chemicals on upland areas and in streams; the impact of agricultural practices, in-stream structures, and bank protection on these processes; water quality; and the ecological well-being of streams.

National Center for Environmental Assessment (U.S. EPA):: National resource center for the overall process of human health and ecological risk assessments; the integration of hazard, dose-response, and exposure data and models to produce risk characterizations.

National Seed Laboratory (NSL):: Most native plants used for ecosystem conservation and restoration are propagated exclusively from seeds. Sufficient quantities of seeds are needed to restore and sustain native plant communities that are increasingly affected by invasive species, pest infestations, wildfire, and climate change. Successful seed production requires knowledge of seed development, cleaning, germination, and storage procedures, known collectively as seed science and

National Soybean Research Laboratory (NSRL):: Research areas include enhancing soy productivity, creating food uses, commodity markets, and expanding feed utilization.

National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory:: US Department of Agriculture research lab focusing on fundamental erosion process research, erosion control research and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment (NLAE):: The National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment (NLAE) is a trans-disciplinary laboratory focused on integrating the fundamental principles in soil, water, and air into animal, cropping and watershed systems that leads to improved environmental quality, sustainability, and enhanced agricultural system efficiency. The purpose of the NLAE is to develop innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of agricultural systems and reduce th

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