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Vortex Tubes And Spot Cooling:: Vortex tubes are devices that work on a standard compressed air supply. Air enters the vortex tube and literally splits the air flow into two parts – cold air at one end, and hot air at the other – all without any moving parts. Vortex tubes have an adjustable valve at the “hot” end controls the volume of the air flow, and the temperature exiting at the cold end. By adjusting the valve, you control the “cold fraction” which is the perc

Ecological Restoration Institute:: ERI aims to help land management agencies and communities by conducting research into implementing restoration treatments for frequent-fire forest and woodland landscapes of the Interior West.

Ecological Society of America:: A non-profit organization of scientists founded in 1915, conducting research, teaching, and working to provide the ecological knowledge needed to solve environmental problems.

Friends of Ecological Reserves:: Information about ecological reserves, the not-for-profit charitable organization and products and membership to purchase to support ecoreserves.

Cochrane Ecological Institute:: CEI is devoted to the preservation of North America's biodiversity, through the conservation and breeding of endangered indigenous species, ecosystem restoration through the reintroduction of extirpated fauna and flora, and the education of the public.

Thorne Ecological Institute:: Offers hands-on environmental education to kids of Colorado.

Urban and Ecological Footprints:: Based on the relationship between humanity and the biosphere, an ecological footprint is a measurement of the land area required to sustain a population of any size. Learn what your cities footprint is, find personal calculators, environmental reports, and other resources.

Ecological Footprint Quiz:: Estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. Created by Earth Day Network and Redefining Progress.

Kenaf Paper: An Ecological Alternative:: written by the Forest Friendly Paper Campaign, this site discusses on how kenaf is identified as the best non-wood paper alternative.

Grazing Management - An Ecological Perspective:: Publication edited by Rodney Heitschmidt and Jerry Stuth. Out of print.

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