Residential Radon and Lung Cancer Study

Residential Radon and Lung Cancer Study Related

Recommended Residential Radon Mitigation Standard of Practice:: EPA publication providing uniform design and installation standards to radon mitigation contractors for residential buildings three stories or less in height.

Radon Test Kit & Electronic Radon Detector:: Radon home air and water inspection by test kit and electronic radon detector services marketed to home inspection professionals and homeowners.

Cheong Lung Ltd:: Manufacturer of noodles and pastry.

Radon: Global Radon Advisor:: Czech company provides information on radon risk classification, radon measurement, radon research, protection from radon in buildings, and equipment for radon risk monitoring.

Radon Guide: Introduction to Radon:: Comprehensive guide to radon in the home provided by a firm of consultants in Northern Ireland.

Residential Environmental Design:: Provides articles, product reviews, and resources for green architects and homeowners.

Residential Air-Cleaning Devices - A Summary of Available Information:: EPA's booklet on indoor air cleaning devices for the home.

International Jute Study Group:: Information on this inter-governmental organisation, set up as a community body for jute, kenaf and allied fibers, and the projects in which it is involved.

Los Alamos Study Group:: Nonprofit, nuclear disarmament organizations providing information regarding U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories, weapons testing, and environmental concerns arising from their production.

The Study of Plant Disease Epidemics:: Details of a book of this name which deals with the study of the temporal and spatial dynamics of plant diseases in populations.

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