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Australian Clearing House on Agricultural Biodiversity:: Page provides background; outlines Australia's interests in taxonomy, sustainable use indicators, access to crop variety germplasm, genetic resources and alien species used in agriculture, and international agricultural trade competitiveness; and links to a selection of relevant current sites, papers and publications.

Belgian Clearing House: Agricultural Biodiversity:: Useful links to Belgian institutes' websites on agricultural biodiversity, to the Agris database on Belgian livestock breeds, as well as links to relevant international organisations.

German Agricultural Biodiversity Clearing House:: GENRES is the German government's information service on genetic resources for food and agriculture. It has comprehensive links to all relevant documents in English including a reprinted PDF of German policy on agricultural biodiversity (Aug 2010).

Swedish Clearing House on Agricultural Biodiversity:: Website covers all aspects of agricultural biodiversity in Sweden including environmental status and threats, legislation and policy, authorities and organisations, measures and activities and research and monitoring.

Netherlands' Biodiversity Information Facility:: Node for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Background information and links to partners.

House Agricultural Consultants:: Provides expertise in agricultural management and land use.

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog:: This weblog collects in one place anything the authors find on the internet that relates somehow to agricultural biodiversity of crops, animals, wild relatives. Contains up to date links to a wide range of issues.

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity:: This UPWARD three-volume publication is a global compilation by scientists, development specialists, academics, policy-makers and donors. Vol. 1: understanding agricultural biodiversity, Vol. 2: strengthening local management of agricultural biodiversity, and Vol. 3: ensuring an enabling environment for agricultural biodiversity. PDF downloads of all 75 chapters available.

UK Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition (UKabc):: Agricultural Biodiversity for Food Sovereignty and Food Security. Agricultural biodiversity resource website provides CSO resources, International Seed Treatysustainable and equitable use for food and livelihood security and food sovereignty. Linking UK public interest organisations concerned with its sustainable use, conservation, intellectual property, biotechnology, genetic engineering.

German Government Activities on Agricultural Biodiversity:: Provides an overview of German development organisations' know-how and projects on the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural and biological diversity. Links to related biodiversity activities, policy processes and projects.

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