A Training Guide for In Situ Conservation On-farm Related

National Conservation Training Center:: U.S Fish and Wildlife Service training facility for conservation professionals from both public and private sectors.

Smiths' Farm Mules & Training:: Paul V. Smith mule training, stud service and horse drawn farm equipment in scenic Crossville, TN.

Farm Auction Guide:: Offers searchable agriculture auction listings for North America.

In-Situ, Inc.:: Supplies water level and water quality instrumentation for hydrologic monitoring equipment and field data logging of water level and quality.

In-Situ Fixation, Inc.:: Company providing in situ remediation/treatment of soil and groundwater utilizing dual auger soil mixing technology. Specializing in bioremediation and thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction. Site has information on these and other technologies, including zero valent iron injection.

EnISSA: Enhanced in Situ Soil Analysis:: Offers detection and mapping of soil contaminants using a membrane interface probe for fast, quantitative analysis with low detection limits.

Inter-comparison and Assessment of In situ and Remote Sea Ice Thickness Estimates:: Paper on a study by Ignatius Rigor, Mark Wensnahan, Ron Kwok and Jay Zwally in 2005.

Supporting On-Farm Conservation in Eastern & Southern Africa:: Includes information and case studies on the institutional conditions for 'successful' interventions, defined in terms of biological as well as economic parameters, derived from this GTZ / ODI / Darwin initiative project with African partners.

Agribusiness Training:: We are a large NZQA accredited Private Training Establishment (PTE) delivering education and training in agriculture, horticulture, equine, safety and apiculture throughout New Zealand. Our training leads to national and local qualifications and is based on formally assessed NZQA unit standards.

Sheep Training Tips:: Some people are interested in taming older sheep, some people are interested in the halter training. There are some points common to both activities. Brief summary of the process used at Fibre Works Farm.

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