Australia: The Seed Savers Network

Australia: The Seed Savers Network Related

USA: Seed Savers Exchange:: SSE is saving heirloom garden seeds from extinction that gardeners and farmers brought to North America when their families immigrated, as well as traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites and Amish. Information, links and catalogues on website.

Aotearoa New Zealand: Seed Savers (SSANZ):: Established to facilitate and share information and seeds between regional seed saving groups which maintain and strengthen the agricultural biodiversity of open pollinated, non-genetically engineered plant varieties in New Zealand

Ireland: Irish Seed Savers Association:: A voluntary organisation dedicated to the location and preservation of traditional varieties of grains, fruits and vegetables. Site has current seed lists and project information.

Seed Genetics Australia:: Producer of pasture seed including alfalfa and clover.

USA: Native Seed Network:: Site covers much of the wild and domesticated flora of utility to humans, and their ecosystems,in the USA. Many links to sister sites of importance. Seed exchange facilitated through site.

Environmental Defender's Office Network of Australia (EDO):: Network of nonprofit, public interest environmental legal centres.

Life Savers Candystand:: Promotions, games, and contests focusing on Life Saver products. Includes links to product information.

Educator's Network Lesson Plans - Earth Day Network:: Find lesson plans on sustainability, climate, energy, natural resources and wildlife, and more.

Quails Australia:: Online community for people with an interest in quails, breeders and farmers. Sell or buy all quail related products. Articles, discussion board and gallery.

Cotton Australia:: Information for members, the board, contact information, and downloadable publications.

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