Ireland: Irish Seed Savers Association

Ireland: Irish Seed Savers Association Related

Australia: The Seed Savers Network:: Promoting and organising the preservation, free distribution and exchange of open-pollinated seeds.

USA: Seed Savers Exchange:: SSE is saving heirloom garden seeds from extinction that gardeners and farmers brought to North America when their families immigrated, as well as traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites and Amish. Information, links and catalogues on website.

Aotearoa New Zealand: Seed Savers (SSANZ):: Established to facilitate and share information and seeds between regional seed saving groups which maintain and strengthen the agricultural biodiversity of open pollinated, non-genetically engineered plant varieties in New Zealand

Inland Waterways Association of Ireland:: Maps, history, news, archives, and other services.

Ireland: Soil Maps of Ireland:: A collection of maps.

Irish Organic Farmers & Growers Association:: IOFGA aims to aid the production, marketing and promotion of organic food in Ireland

Irish Cattle Traders' and Stockowners' Association (ICSA):: Working on behalf of Ireland's drystock farmers - beef and sheep producers.

Life Savers Candystand:: Promotions, games, and contests focusing on Life Saver products. Includes links to product information.

Association of Official Seed Analysts:: An organization comprised of member laboratories staffed by certified seed analysts. Offers training and certification for AOSA Certified Seed Analyst.

Atlantic Seed Association (ASA):: A non-profit seed trade association for the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast. ASA, be a part of exciting presentations from leading experts in forages, turfgrass, and vegetable production, plus a special presentation from one of our founding members. Please, explore the website to obtain further information.

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