Saving Seeds

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Saving Freshwater Dolphins Means Saving Their Rivers:: Article by Debra Boyce of the Christian Science Monitor describes the ecological challenges caused by humans that threaten the species group. Features links to related sites. (June 03, 1999)

Saving Hemlocks:: Provides information showing how the Sasi predator beetle is an effective biological control method against the hemlock woolly adelgid.

Kids for Saving Earth:: Provides action-oriented educational materials, posters, and information for environmentally concerned kids and adults.

Worldwide: International Seed Saving Institute:: Free online seed saving instructions. ISSI is dedicated to seed-saving education and self-reliance for peoples world-wide. Also offers O.P. seeds.

Discover Seeds:: Database with information on seed identification, dormancy, testing and analysis, development, germination and tetrazolium testing for viability.

Southedge Seeds:: Range of grass and legume products suited to a wide range of environments and climates.

Pacific Seeds:: Researches and breeds seed of tropical baby and sweet corn, sunflower, canola, grain sorghum, and forage crops.

Canterra Seeds Ltd.:: Specializing in certified canola, wheat, oats, peas, beans, and hemp pedigreed seed.

Richardson Seeds, Inc.:: Also headquarters for MMR Genetics, LLC, a sorghum breeding/research company.

Fisher Seeds:: Sells seeds and hay to farmers worldwide.

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Canada: Seeds of Diversity
France: Kokopelli Seed Foundation