Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming Autonomous Food Systems

Towards Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming Autonomous Food Systems Related

Food Sales Systems:: Provides brokerage representation to the food industry. Located in Irving, Texas.

Safe Food Systems:: Fort Lauderdale, Florida based company specializing in helping instiutional clients improve Food Safety. Provides state certified food handler's training classes and manufacturers of the Health Safe Buffet System.

Food and Refrigeration Systems:: A professional managed organization; offering Consultancy Services of Food & Refrigeration Systems. Food and Refrigeration systems have been operating for the last eight years as a consulting group in projects in Food and Refrigeration technology. Total consultancy from processing to preserving FRS broad based system engineering can be used in all segments of the food and beverage industry. With strategic alliance with global firms in various asp

Morep Food Process Systems Ltd.:: Manufacturer of QuickThaw, a non-microwave defrost system for thawing food products. Includes container and built-in units. UK, USA, Denmark.

Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems:: Organization dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system. Situated at the University of California, Santa Cruz, it undertakes research, education and community outreach and runs an organic garden and farm.

Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V.:: Manufacturer of equipment for food processing sterilization and filling of ESL products. Includes specifications, line concepts, brochures and services. Netherlands.

Advanced Analysis - Exploring Biological Systems in Food:: New approaches to problems connected with food sciences and the creation of interdisciplinary collaborations. Olsztyn, Poland; 3--7 September 2003.

International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems:: ICROFS is a collaborative project between research groups in different institutions. It promotes, communicates and coordinates research into organic food systems.

The Federation of European Food Additives and Food Enzymes Industries:: Information for food producers about the function of additives, with list of those approved in the European Union. Shows member associations, with email contacts.

Food Marketing Institute: Language of The Food Industry:: Glossary of terms used in the food manufacturing, retail and supermarket industries.

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