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Bird Conservation Research Inc.:: At "Bird Conservation Research" our mission is, our natural landscapes are rapidly fragmenting. This makes it imperative for parcels of open spaces to be protected so that the natural features of our environment can persist. Bird Conservation Research, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a publicly supported non-profit research foundation to provide the scientific underpinnings for making informed decisions about open space acquisition and management. It

Great Lakes Bird Conservation:: Dedicated to the conservation and management of forest birds in the Laurentian Mixed Forest region of the Western Great Lakes Basin. Includes a project description with management goals and information about bird ecology and conservation.

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative:: Coordinates bird-based projects for effective management of birds in Wisconsin. Includes the background of the organisation, their aims and objectives and a news letter.

Bird Conservation Alliance (BCA):: Working Together to Conserve American's Wild Birds. The Bird Conservation Alliance (BCA) is a network of organizations working together to conserve wild birds. Through the Alliance, millions of birdwatchers and concerned citizens are united with conservation professionals, scientists, and educators to benefit bird conservation efforts. The Bird Conservation Alliance is Facilitated by American Bird Conservancy.

Bird Conservation Network (BCN):: BCN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. BCN has been promoting bird conservation and preserving and restoring bird habitat in the Chicago Region for more than a decade. BCN is a coalition of about 18 organizations (bird clubs, Audubon chapters, ornithological societies and conservation organizations) sharing an interest in the conservation of birds. The groups' members total more than 35,000 people living primarily in the chicago area, but al

Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN):: BCN is a registered environmental NGO with the Government of Nepal. Established in 1982, Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) is the leading organisation in Nepal, focusing on the conservation of birds, their habitats and sites. It seeks to promote interest in birds amongst the general public, encourage research on birds and identify major threats to birds' continued survival. As a result, we are the foremost scientific authority providing accurate info

Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership:: The Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership seeks to protect, restore, and enhance lands that support bird populations in California. Our goal is to protect the wetlands and agricultural lands that support migratory bird populations in California. Combining the experience and expertise of these three leaders in bird conservation, the Partnership is working to : • Enhance the value of agricultural lands as migratory bird habitat • Encoura

North American Bird Conservation Initiative:: The goal is to combined effectiveness of three separate programs: the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Partners In Flight, and the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (OBCI):: The Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative is a collaboration of non-profit groups, businesses, state and federal government agencies, and citizens that are participating in or are interested in bird conservation for the state of Ohio. We have come together for one main purpose - to ensure the conservation and effective management of birds in Ohio. Our goals : • Develop and coordinate initiatives for bird conservation. • Develop broad-based p

Bat Conservation International:: Information about bats, their conservation and how to get involved.

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