Extinction Risk Analysis for Birds

Extinction Risk Analysis for Birds Related

Mass Extinction Underway:: Links to articles on biodiversity and species extinction.

BBC News: Extinction Nears for Whales and Dolphins:: Alex Kirby reports that some species are now so endangered they may not survive another 10 years. Features photos and related links. (May 14, 2003)

Climate Change Threatens a Million Species with Extinction:: Detailed press release reporting a study of biodiversity-rich regions. Computer models project the future movements and distributions of many species of plants, birds, animals, and insects, in response to changing conditions. From the School of Biology, University of Leeds. (January 07, 2004)

Minimizing Wildfire Risk:: This forest landowners’ guide gives assistance on assessing the risk of fire damage and the management practices that should be adopted to make fires less likely and less devastating to trees and homes. [PDF]

America's Environment At Risk:: Details current threats to America's environment, the powerful interests behind those threats, and describes common-sense solutions to protect the environment.

Cholamandalam MS Risk Services:: Established in year 1994, Cholamandalam MS Risk Services is a Chennai based Risk Consulting Company offering comprehensive Risk management & Engineering solutions in field of Safety, Health and Environment. The company has pioneered many innovative and specialized services catering to the needs of Asian & European markets for last 15 years. The organization has successfully executed more than 2000 projects (Domestic/International) which not only

National Ag Risk Education Library:: Designed to assist agricultural professionals to access information and resources concerning risk management topics.

Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk:: Listings and descriptions of invasive plant species which threaten Pacific island ecosystems, particularly those of Micronesia and American Samoa.

The Weed Risk Assessment Process:: Evaluates the risks associated with the introduction of exotic plants, not currently present in Australia, and considered to pose a threat to agriculture and the environment.

Global Risk Forum: Davos:: International Disaster and Risk Conferences and Workshops attempt to find answers and solutions to today's challenges in managing risk, reducing disasters and adaptating to climate change.

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