Captive Breeding and Species Re-introductions

Captive Breeding and Species Re-introductions Related

Exotic Introductions:: Chapter 9 of "Biodiversity and Conservation" by Peter J. Bryant. Textbook discussion of exotic species and their ecological impacts, with hyperlinks to other information on the Internet.

Beekeeping and Bee Breeding:: Detailed information on history, equipment, breeding, available products, and books from a hobbyist.

Breeding for Health and Welfare:: Advances in genetics and breeding have resulted in a rapid increase in milk yield for dairy cows but also caused problems in fertility and longevity. This article discusses research being undertaken at the Scottish Agricultural College.

Breeding Soundness Examination:: A ram not only represents a sizeable investment but he also influence the economic return from the flock for years to come. Through a breeding soundness examination prior to the breeding season, rams of questionable or unsatisfactory breeding potential can be identified.

Breeding Soundness in Rams:: Provides a guide on how to conduct a breeding soundness examination and how to interpret the results.

Sugarcane Breeding Institute:: Details of the institution, its work, on the biology of sugar cane, news and events. Tamil Nadu.

4Cs Breeding Tachnology, Inc.:: Consultants in genetic breeding technology for application by molluscan shellfish growers and hatcheries. Company information, contacts.

Equine Breeding Supply:: Offers artificial insemination equipment and supplies for sale. Includes photos and information on mount and chutes. Located in Penrose, Colorado.

Animal Breeding and Genetics:: Animal Breeding and Genetics Group is working on applied and basic research in collaboration with USDA, breed associations, private companies, and other universities all over the world. We are providing computational programs to assist the animal industry in the genetic evaluation and selection of livestock. Research is also occurring in the area of bioinformatics to meet both animal industry and human health needs. Graduate support is available

The Cattle Breeding Consultancy:: The Cattle Breeding Consultancy is based in Dorset, England and now covers the South of England and the Midlands with client’s herds as far west as Cornwall, east to Kent, north-east to Yorkshire and north-west to Scotland. Our smallest herd is 50 cows and our largest is over 1,000 cows. Our average herd size is about 150 cows. With over 500 proven bulls on general availability the choice for the dairy farmer was, and still is, completely bewil

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American Zoo and Aquarium Association
Black-footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes)
Carl H. Lindner Jr. Family Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife