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Pinchot Institute for Conservation:: Committed to leadership in conservation thought, policy, and action with a mission to advance the conservation of natural resources throughout the world.

Institute of Biodiversity Conservation:: At the beginning of the 1970s, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) strongly recommended the formation of a network of plant genetic resources centers (or gene banks as they are frequently called) around the world. Ethiopia was given highest priority because of its tremendous plant diversity and endemism. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany expressed interest in assisting Ethiopia. Accordingly, a

Institute of Biodiversity Conservation:: A Plant Genetic Resources Center, Ethiopia (PGRC/E) was initially established in May 1976 through a bilateral technical cooperation agreement between the Governments of Ethiopia and Germany. The main objective was to rescue the country’s plant genetic resources from adverse impacts of various human activities and natural calamities and thereby, support crop improvement programs. In 1998, it was re-established as the Institute of Biodiversity Co

The Institute of Fisheries Management:: IFM is an international organisation of people interested in the management of recreational and commercial fisheries. Site provides member services, publications, events, news listings and a fisheries jobs resource.

Institute Of Agribusiness Management:: The institute of Agribusiness Management (Registered under the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Society) has been developed with the noble objective to architect agribusiness professionals and also to fulfill the demand for global business by reorienting management education to keep pace with the changing needs of the world. Agribusiness courses are designed with a vision of empowering knowledge of systematic observation and analytica

Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation:: Courses available in conservation ecology.

World Institute for Conservation and Environment:: WICE is dedicated to the conservation of nature and the environment. Provides a great deal of information on nature, biodiversity, natural resources management, monitoring, bird and mammals.

Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education:: Founded in 2002, the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization dedicated to advancing awareness, knowledge and skills in natural history and conservation of natural resources by building an ecologically literate and engaged public through education. The Institute encourages hands-on discovery of ecosystems and watersheds of the Commonwealth while instilling stewardship of our natural resourc

Bat Conservation and Management:: Research, supply, and install bat house products. Also bat exclusions, bat control, cave/mine gating, harp/mist net surveys, and Indiana bat management.

Nutrient Management Institute, Netherlands:: The research projects are primarily aimed at development of new knowledge and methods concerning the improvement of nutrient management in agriculture.

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