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Institute of Biodiversity Conservation:: At the beginning of the 1970s, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) strongly recommended the formation of a network of plant genetic resources centers (or gene banks as they are frequently called) around the world. Ethiopia was given highest priority because of its tremendous plant diversity and endemism. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany expressed interest in assisting Ethiopia. Accordingly, a

KU Biodiversity Institute:: At the Biodiversity Institute, we discover, document and disseminate knowledge of the Earth’s biological and cultural diversity, past and present. The University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute studies the life of the planet for the benefit of the Earth and its inhabitants. The institute, including the KU Natural History Museum, accomplishes this mission by using its collections of plants, animals and cultural artifacts for undergraduate, grad

Biodiversity Conservation:: A discussion by Clive Hambler and Martin R. Speight about the current role of science in conservation.

Biodiversity and Conservation:: A hypertext book by Peter J. Bryant, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine. The origin, nature and value of biological diversity, the threats to its continued existence, and approaches to preserving what is left.

Pacific Biodiversity Institute:: Conducts long-term monitoring of ecological and biodiversity trends and encourages the use and development of science-based conservation projects.

Biodiversity Conservation Network:: BCN was established to test hypotheses about the conditions under which community-based enterprises can lead to conservation. This BCN Web site is no longer being updated, however, details of the research are still accessible.

Biodiversity: Research and Conservation:: International journal, published quarterly, with original papers, short notes and reviews in the fields of plant taxonomy, chorology, ecology and nature conservation.

Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI):: Biodiversity Research Institute, our research collaborators, and supporters are part of a dynamic team with a modern approach to ecological health that emphasizes science, cooperation, and empowering stakeholders - moving us all forward towards a sustainable future. Our expertise is widely respected for high quality investigations conducted across the U.S., Canada, Belize, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Our findings are often published in leading scient

Biodiversity Conservation Alliance (BCA ):: BCA is dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places in Wyoming and surrounding states, primarily on public lands. The mission of Biodiversity Conservation Alliance is to protect wildlife and wild places in Wyoming and surrounding states, particularly on public lands. We started doing conservation work in 1988 to preserve the natural character of the Medicine Bow National Forest in southeastern Wyoming. We concentrate our efforts on the fores

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity:: This UPWARD three-volume publication is a global compilation by scientists, development specialists, academics, policy-makers and donors. Vol. 1: understanding agricultural biodiversity, Vol. 2: strengthening local management of agricultural biodiversity, and Vol. 3: ensuring an enabling environment for agricultural biodiversity. PDF downloads of all 75 chapters available.

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