African Elephant Conservation Trust

African Elephant Conservation Trust Related

African Forest Elephant:: The Wildlife Conservation Society provides a factsheet on this species, the threats and challenges it faces and the conservation efforts being made.

African Elephant Specialist Group:: Resources on elephant conservation, including African Elephant Database online, Pachyderm journal online, tools for the study and mitigation of human-elephant conflict, methods of counting and studying elephants and the African Elephant Bibliography.

Center for Elephant Conservation:: Providing a superior environment for Asian elephant conservation, breeding, scientific study, and retirement.

African Conservation Websites:: Not for profit educational foundation offering GIS/remote sensing, IT, web databasing, hosting, and more to African conservation groups.

Bat Conservation Trust:: The UK's only organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats. It is a highly respected and established organisation combining the strengths of professionals and amateur experts.

UK Wolf Conservation Trust:: Aims to enhance the conservation, scientific knowledge and public awareness of wolves, to improve the survival of wolves in the wild and to provide education programmes for schools, conservation and other organisations.

Vechur Conservation Trust:: A trust formed to save the Vechur, the smallest cow in the world, from the brink of extinction.

The Herpetological Conservation Trust:: This registered charity is the lead partner in the Species Action Plans for the conservation of the UK's reptiles and amphibians.

Tasmanian Conservation Trust:: Working to protect the State's forest, oceans, and wilderness.

International Trust for Nature Conservation:: A UK charity working mainly in Nepal and India. Gives information on species and habitat protection, monitoring, reforestation and environmental education.

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