Bat Conservation International

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Bat Conservation:: Bat education, research and conservation by Organization for Bat Conservation.

Bat Conservation Trust:: The UK's only organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats. It is a highly respected and established organisation combining the strengths of professionals and amateur experts.

Bat Conservation and Management:: Research, supply, and install bat house products. Also bat exclusions, bat control, cave/mine gating, harp/mist net surveys, and Indiana bat management.

Horseshoe bat research and conservation:: A forum to disseminate information about bat species of the family Rhinolophus and conservation projects.

Bird Conservation International:: A quarterly peer-reviewed journal focusing on the conservation issues affecting birds and their habitats.

International Conservation Center:: Provides an extension of the Pittsburgh Zoo's conservation, education, and breeding programs, focusing on the need to house breeding groups of threatened and endangered species, with an emphasis on African Elephants.

International Conifer Conservation Programme:: Based at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, aiming to establish a network of safe sites throughout the UK and abroad for the conservation of conifers and their associated species.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International:: Provides technical guidance, data and support for botanic gardens in almost 100 countries worldwide.

International Mire Conservation Group:: Promoting the conservation of mires and related ecosystems, giving information on the sustainable use of mires, red lists of European wetland plants and a link to the IMCG newsletter.

International Trust for Nature Conservation:: A UK charity working mainly in Nepal and India. Gives information on species and habitat protection, monitoring, reforestation and environmental education.

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