Bat Conservation and Management

Bat Conservation and Management Related

Bat Conservation:: Bat education, research and conservation by Organization for Bat Conservation.

Bat Conservation International:: Information about bats, their conservation and how to get involved.

Bat Conservation Trust:: The UK's only organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats. It is a highly respected and established organisation combining the strengths of professionals and amateur experts.

Horseshoe bat research and conservation:: A forum to disseminate information about bat species of the family Rhinolophus and conservation projects.

Conservation Management Institute:: Research center within the College of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech. Undertakes multi-disciplinary research projects ranging from endangered species propagation to natural resource-based satellite imagery interpretation.

New Zealand Conservation Management Group:: Aids conservation of New Zealand native fauna through coordinated captive management programmes.

Wolf Conservation and Management Policy for Alaska:: To provide for the conservation of Alaska's wolves and their prey populations.

A.J.BAT:: Live action grain market, farmers post and monitor bids and follow the grain trade.

Bat Forum BT:: Producer of machines and devices for packing, and equipment such as conveyors, for transportation inside plants.

United Bat Control:: Full service organization that specializes in professional bat exclusion, removal of colonies, Histoplasmosis remediation, sanitizing and odor control.

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