The Andean Bear Conservation Project

The Andean Bear Conservation Project Related

Spectacled Bear Conservation: Peru:: Project that aims to work with land owners and rural communities for the conservation of the spectacled bear in the dry forest habitat of northern Peru. Includes information on research, education and community outreach.

The Antiguan Racer Conservation Project:: Give information about the racer snake, Alsophis antiguae, its location and the work being undertaken to protect it.

Andean Alder: Alnus acuminata:: Information on this fast-growing tree which shows promise for timber use, shelterbelts, land reclamation and as a producer of biomass. [PDF]

BEAR GmbH:: Manufacturers and installs machines and plants for the cocoa, food and pharmaceutical industries. Germany, Indonesia, and Ghana.

Smokey Bear:: The official facts about Smokey.

Bear Deluxe:: Quarterly magazine exploring environmental issues through the creative arts.

Montana Bear Food:: Offers a variety of locally made Montana huckleberry products. Ships in USA.

Bear Creek Smokehouse:: Smoked meats, poultry and sausage, plus soups and desserts.

Sleeping Bear Honey:: Producer of gourmet honey products, honey and fruit spreads, honey and nut spreads, varietal honey, honey wine or mead, beeswax candles, beeswax soaps, and gift baskets.

Big Bear Hills, Inc.:: Producer and distributor of peat products worldwide for soil media enhancement in commercial, professional, agricultural and horticultural markets. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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