Tigers in Crisis

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Forever Tigers:: A non-profit corporation dedicated to educating the public about the plight of tigers in the wild. Information about threats to wild tiger populations, an online store, photo gallery, informational articles, and links.

Kids for Tigers:: A conservation program in India working to inform Indian schoolchildren and their families about the need for environmental protection and wildlife conservation on the subcontinent.

Save China's Tigers:: Dedicated to in-situ conservation of native cat species in China, particularly the South China tiger. Chinese culture information, action plans, how to help, photos, and rewilding training progress.

Scent Dog Monitoring of Amur Tigers:: On the use of dogs to track and monitor tigers in Siberia. Dog training information, and tiger research progress and findings. [PDF]

Klamath Basin Crisis:: Group of Klamath Basin farmers and ranchers fighting for the right to irrigate their land.

Santa Fe Water Crisis:: Articles, forum, comments, and photos regarding the water crisis, restrictions, and alternatives involving Las Campanas, the city council, and concerned citizens.

Bushmeat Crisis Task Force:: A consortium of conservation organizations and scientists dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations threatened by commercial hunting of wildlife for sale as meat.

Oil Spill Crisis Map:: Map visualizes reports of the effects of the BP oil spill. Reports of oil sightings, affected animals, odors, health effects, and human factor impacts made by the eyewitnesses and the media populate points on a this public, interactive, web based map.

The North Sea Fisheries Crisis Hot Spot:: Greenpeace site about this ecosystem, its decline, and the stressors affecting it, including overfishing, oil and gas operations, reclamation of parts of the sea for farming, and overfertilization by nutrients.

Google Crisis Response - Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill:: Provides Google Earth files, news, resources, how to help, and how to upload video stories.

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