Tracking Threatened Birds and Animals

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Birds and Animals Unlimited:: Birds and Animals Unlimited endeavors to provide consistent quality animal talent to the production of films, television and commercial programming. We were at the forefront of establishing safety protocol and standards of care for animals utilized in the motion picture industry and remain dedicated to such principles. Our Team of top animal trainers and animal talent have been instrumental in producing creative, memorable, award winning entertai

UNEP-WCMC: Threatened Plants Database:: Contains information on over 136,000 plant taxa of conservation importance based on 19,000 data sources.

2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:: Provides taxonomic, conservation status, and distribution information on taxa that are facing a high risk of global extinction.

Tracking Project, The:: Works with community educators and native elders from around the world to design a series of teachings which connect individuals directly to the natural world.

Deer Tracking Magazine:: Practical deer farming newsletter for all aspects relevant to the whitetail and mule deer industry. Based out of Saskatchewan, Canada.

NAPAP Tracking and Analysis Framework:: National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program. Integrated modeling framework designed to act as a bridge between science and policy.

Tracking Research for Animal Conservation Society:: TRACS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to education and science-based conservation, aimed at tracking and monitoring animals in a rapidly changing environment. Includes blogs, sponsor information and an online shop.

Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf - New York Times Interactive Map:: Interactive map tracking the extent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, day by day. Map also provides estimates of oil spilled, shows where oil has washed onto beaches and marshes, tracks efforts to stop the leaking oil, and explains the spill's effects on underwater life.

Animals Care (UK):: Animals Care (UK) is an amalgamation of our dog and horse intersets split into four categories. Category one is our ‘Horse Rug Care’ products, category two is our dog home boarding, dog walking, dog sitting & pet sitting under our banner of ‘Safe in our Care’, here in Norfolk, category three is our ‘Pet & Home Care’ products for people with animals and category four is our ‘Personal Care’ products which are hygienic and well bein

Animals Care:: Animals Care - A community of pet and animal lovers that seeks to bring you inspiring news and updates on trends in animal ownership. We invite you to tour our site, read our blog and to contact us with any questions.

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