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Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit:: Description of current research projects in the areas of soil resources management and global change. Publications and posters available.

WildCRU Wildlife Conservation Research Unit:: Oxford University group develops practical solutions to conservation problems through research, implementation, education and local public involvement. Includes support and donation details.

Wind Erosion & Water Conservation Unit:: The research unit conducts applied and fundamental research on the causes and consequences of wind-induced soil erosion, and the interactions of plants with the soil and aerial environments.

Plant Conservation Alliance - Alien Plant Working Group:: is a web-based project of the PCA that provides information for the general public, land managers, researchers, and others on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien (exotic, non-native) plants to the native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems of the United States.

Center for Plant Conservation:: A national consortium of 28 botanical gardens and arboreta dedicated to saving America's endangered plants.

Plant Conservation Day:: May 18th is Plant Conservation Day! We hope you will join us in this global celebration, dedicated to preserving, protecting, and conserving plants for people and the planet. At the website you can find all sorts of information about plant conservation and Plant Conservation Day celebrations. Check out our Learn More section to find out why plants are so important, why they need to be conserved, and learn what you can do to help. And if you want

Australian Network for Plant Conservation:: Objectives are to develop, maintain, and co-ordinate a national network of organisations and individuals, promoting co-operation and information exchange for plant conservation and contribute to the recovery and long term survival of threatened plants.

Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance:: Study and preserves Georgia's flora through multidisciplinary research, education, and advocacy; facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered plants of Georgia and the southeast U.S. through collaborative efforts in our state; and communicate the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide.

New England Plant Conservation Program:: A voluntary alliance of over 65 botanists, private institutions, and government agencies, organized to promote the recovery of New England's endangered flora.

The Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics:: Applies molecular biology techniques to the conservation and exploitation of plant genetic resources.

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