Taylor GeoServices (TGS)

Taylor GeoServices (TGS) Related

TGS Seeds:: Mobile seed cleaners.

Taylor Shellfish, Inc.:: Grower and shipper of oysters, mussels and clams in Washington state.

Taylor's Chili:: Mexican chile, packed so that the meat and beans remain separate. Also sells dried butterbean soup mix. Sold in cases of 6, 12 or 24 units.

Taylor Company:: Specializing in frozen dessert, cold beverage equipment, some cooking equipment.

Taylor Packing Co:: US company supplying beef cuts, offal and hides worldwide.

Taylor Llamas:: Argentine and Chilean llamas for sale, imported llamas, llama information and research. Bozeman, Montana.

Taylor and Messick:: John Deere dealership in Harrington. Features product lines, inventory, and specials.

Taylor Manufacturing:: Elizabethtown, North Carolina manufacturer of tobacco farming and cotton harvesting equipment, truck trailers, and an outside wood-fired waterstove. Features product information and distributors.

Taylor Maid Farms:: Order organic teas and coffees, herbs and herbal products.

Taylor Meat Company:: Smoked brisket, sirloin tips, ribs, sausages, ham, bacon, jerky, cheese, and wieners. Taylor, Texas.

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