Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)

Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN) Related

System-wide Information Network for Genetic Resources:: SINGER, the CGIAR system-wide information network for genetic resources of crop, forage and tree germplasm.

InfoBeerUSA From Information Resources, Inc. (IRI):: Commercial service for small and medium sized brewers and distributors. Provides consumer trends as well as sales and competition information.

Wilderness Information Network:: Provides peer-reviewed information for wilderness enthusiasts, scientists, educators, and environmentalists.

Cassava Information Network:: Information on growing the crop and the industry in Thailand.

Toolshed Ag Information Network:: Agriculture prices and news targeting the Red River valley region of the United States.

Radiation Information Network:: Idaho State University site provides information on radiation and its effects and the professions of Radiation Protection.

Community Access to Natural Resources Information:: Provides information tailored to community-based local and regional environmental management groups.

The Caribbean Pest Information Network:: CariPestNet is an email network that assists people of the Caribbean sub-region to obtain advice and information on the identification and management of plant pests including insects, micro-organisms, nematodes, molluscs and weeds.

Cooperative Grocers Information Network:: Membership organization founded to support the growth and development of food co-ops. Includes information about primary services, bylaws, application, job openings, and listserves.

Timber Wolf Information Network:: Educational resource focussing on conservation of the timber wolf in the USA.

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