National Biodiversity Data Centre

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Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research and Australian National Herbarium:: Botanical research, conservation, management and use of the Australian flora.

IPCC Data Distribution Centre:: Established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to facilitate the distribution of up-to-date scenarios of changes in climate and related environmental and socio-economic factors for use in climate impact assessments.

Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ):: Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) is a community peer-reviewed, open-access, comprehensive online platform, designed to accelerate publishing, dissemination and sharing of biodiversity-related data of any kind. All structural elements of the articles – text, morphological descriptions, occurrences, data tables, etc. – will be treated and stored as DATA, in accordance with the Data Publishing Policies and Guidelines of Pensoft Publishers. The jo

Alice Biodiversity Data Management System:: Commercial software for the creation, management and publication of biodiversity databases.

Biodiversity Research Centre:: To understand and conserve the diversity of life on earth through research, education, and outreach. There are more than fifty members of the Centre. We carry out research on a wide range of topics, including evolution, systematics and phylogeny, population and community ecology, fisheries management, conservation biology, and theoretical modeling. • Research: To understand the spectrum of biological diversity, its evolution, and its preserv

U.S. National Climatic Data Center - Global Warming:: World's largest archive of climate data provides answers to frequently asked questions about climate change.

The Business and Biodiversity Resource Centre:: Advocates and assists contributions by UK businesses to biodiversity conservation.

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC): State of the Cryosphere:: Information on the status of sea ice, freshwater ice, snow, glaciers, and permafrost. Includes data sets with search facility, details of projects and research, news articles, and links to data providers.

National Biodiversity Network:: An information network of biodiversity data provided by a collaboration of organisations, such as the UK nature agencies, wildlife trusts, the Natural History Museum and others.

National Research Centre for Citrus:: Information on a project to study the germplasm of rootstocks, mandarins, acid lime, pummelo, grapefruit and sweet oranges.

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