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U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program:: United States Carbon Cycle Science Program, providing a coordinated and focused scientific strategy for conducting federal carbon cycle research. The U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program is clarifying the changes, magnitudes and distributions of carbon sources and sinks, the fluxes between the major terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric carbon reservoirs, and the underlying mechanisms involved including humans, fossil fuel emissions, land use, and cl

Farmers Union Carbon Credit Program:: Provides information that farmers need about earning income from various conservation practices on their farm or ranch: no-till, seeded grass or forage stands, native rangeland, forestry, and methane offset.

North American Carbon Program (NACP):: The North American Carbon Program (NACP) is a multidisciplinary research program to obtain scientific understanding of North America's carbon sources and sinks and of changes in carbon stocks needed to meet societal concerns and to provide tools for decision makers. Successful execution of the NACP will require an unprecedented level of coordination among observational, experimental, and modeling efforts regarding terrestrial, oceanic, atmospheri

Carbon Catalog - Carbon Offsets Directory:: An independent directory of carbon offset projects and providers. Projects and providers are mapped and categorized.

Carbon Trust: Carbon Labels:: Provides information about Carbon Reduction Labeling of products, and how it can help individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprints.

F.S. Carbon:: Manufacturers of golden malted pancake and waffle flour mixes for food industry.

Point Carbon:: Aims to become a trusted supplier of decision-support services and market analysis for the emerging carbon market. This includes the newsletter The Carbon Market Analyst. [Requires Flash plugin.]

Carbon Positive:: Carbon Positive-In the fight against climate change, shipping has a significant role to play, despite being the world's most energy efficient mode of transport.

Carbon Share:: Public trust allocation method for providing carbon emissions' rights to citizens.

Carbon Trading:: Carbon trading exchange tool aiming to bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together to trade.

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