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CO2 Capture&Storage:: This website provides a collection of resources related to the capture and storage of CO2.

Sleipner CO2 project:: Provides information on the separation process of CO2 and natural gas as used by Statoil prior to underground CO2 storage.

Carbon Capture and Storage:: Carbon (dioxide) capture and storage (CCS) in geological structures is fast-emerging as a promising method for decoupling fossil fuel use and carbon emissions. This site provides information about the UKCCSC project.

MIT Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies:: Background information and details of research projects.

CO2 Emissions:: Listing of emissions by country compiled by the UN.

Cap CO2 Advisors:: Brussels based consultancy helping businesses devise carbon management strategies. Provides information on the financial implications and government initiatives, and offers training programs.

Support CO2 Free:: Organization that aims to make the World a better and greener place by promoting a CO2 free future and by providing guidance and help to investors and innovators.

CO2 Sequestration in the Deep Ocean:: Contains images and video related to experiments done by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute on disposing of CO2 in the deep ocean in an effort to slow greenhouse gas build-up.

National Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita:: World Bank graph showing various countries and their levels of CO2 emissions per capita.

Database of Herbaceous Vegetation Responses to Elevated Atmospheric CO2:: Contributed by Michael H. Jones and Peter S. Curtis.

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