How Coldplay's Green Hopes Died in the Arid Soil of India

How Coldplay's Green Hopes Died in the Arid Soil of India Related

Green India Irrigation Ltd.:: Green IndianIrrigation is High Tech Irrigation equipments company Such as Micro Irrigation, Piping Systems, Rain Pipe, Drip system, raingun-spinkler,

Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Livelihoods in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) Project:: Description of ASALs Project in Africa, along with outputs, findings, significance and bibliography.

Fruit of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas:: Information from India on the cultural requirements, varieties, management, pest control and harvesting of fruit from the date palm, phalsa, custard-apple, bullock’s-heart, aonia, fig and jamun.

Putting Green Rootzone Soil Mixtures:: Articles on permeability, drainage, and United States Golf Association Specification for Greens, by the Tifton Soil Laboratory, Tifton, Georgia.

HOPES Eco Design Arts Conference:: Bringing together environmental designers, planners, artists, students and community members to discuss ways to live sustainably on earth.

Arid Lands Greenhouses:: Arid Lands, one of the world's largest growers and sellers of succulent plants specializing in very rare species.

Desertification of Arid Lands:: Looks at the role resource mismanagement plays in desertification.

Arid Lands Newsletter:: Exploring topics pertinent to drylands researchers, resource managers, policy makers, and inhabitants worldwide.

Save Money. Be Green at Home - Earth Day 2009 at Yahoo! Green:: Explore how going green saves cash. Yahoo! Green's Earth Day 2009 site takes you on an interactive tour that shows you where you can save around the house.

International Arid Lands Consortium:: Information on sustainable agriculture for arid and semi arid regions. Includes maps, links and details of projects.

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