North American Carbon Program (NACP)

North American Carbon Program (NACP) Related

North American Amphibian Monitoring Program:: Part of a global effort to study and conserve amphibians.

Canadian Carbon Program:: The major deliverable of the Canadian Carbon Program (CCP) is the development of a scientific framework for reducing uncertainty in estimating the C budget of Canada and North America at monthly to multi-annual time scales through a coordinated program of measurements and modelling. By evaluating the sensitivity of Canadian forests to climate and disturbance, we will also analyze and suggest ways to integrate the effects of climate variability in

U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program:: United States Carbon Cycle Science Program, providing a coordinated and focused scientific strategy for conducting federal carbon cycle research. The U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program is clarifying the changes, magnitudes and distributions of carbon sources and sinks, the fluxes between the major terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric carbon reservoirs, and the underlying mechanisms involved including humans, fossil fuel emissions, land use, and cl

Farmers Union Carbon Credit Program:: Provides information that farmers need about earning income from various conservation practices on their farm or ranch: no-till, seeded grass or forage stands, native rangeland, forestry, and methane offset.

Biota of North America Program:: Program whose goal is to develop a unified digital system for assessing the North American biota. Descriptions of projects and the Synthesis of the North American Flora CD-ROM.

North Carolina Natural Heritage Program:: North Carolina Department & Natural Resources. The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program is a part of the Office of Conservation, Planning, and Community Affairs within the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The program inventories, catalogues, and supports conservation of the rarest and the most outstanding elements of the natural diversity of our state. These elements of natural diversity include those plants and animals whic

North Carolina Pesticide Safety Education Program:: This program aims to promote the responsible use of pesticides through educational resources and training.

North American Kelp:: Kelp fertilizers for agricultural and horticultural industries.

North American Film:: Providing agricultural mulch film and technical assistance to commercial growers around the world.

North American Blueberry Council:: Promoting highbush blueberry growing. Information on the plant, growth, and the product.

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