Drylands: Bright Edges of the World

Drylands: Bright Edges of the World Related

Global Alarm: Dust and Sandstorms from the World's Drylands:: UN report covering the physics, mechanics, and processes of dust and sandstorms as well as featuring case studies from North America, Australia, China, and Asia as a whole.

Bright and Associates:: commodity brokers of seafood, pulses, grains, spices, cashew kernels, raw cashew nuts and also cashew international traders, arranging imports of raw materials.

Drylands Research:: Writes and co-ordinates policy-related research on rural livelihoods and environmental management in semi-arid tropical countries.

Drylands Institute:: Dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of plants, animals, and human cultures in arid environments.

Drylands Coordination Group:: Network of various non-governmental organizations aiming to develop techniques and approaches for the improvement of agriculture in the Sahel. English and French.

Urban Agriculture in Drylands:: 1997 Arid Lands Newsletter focusing on urban agriculture and forestry in Middle Eastern and African cities.

On the Bright Side of Yam Production:: Nigeria is the leading producer of yams in sub-Saharan Africa but most farmers face problems with declining productivity, disease, cost and scarcity of clean planting material. A project in Kogi States is showing farmers how to grow their own disease free material.

Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe:: Fall Bright retails Finger Lakes, NY grown grapes, juices, brewing, and winemaking supplies for the amateur winemaker and brewer. Catalog also available.

Bright Beginnings Formulas & Nutritionals:: Maker of baby formula and pediatric products.

Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Company:: Large processor of frozen sweet potato products in the U.S. Product list and recipes.

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