Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs Related

Monitoring and Early Warning:: Maps providing monthly updated, near real time, distributed information on rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, radiation, drought and desertification indices, and crop yield forecasts for Africa and Europe. Includes methodology discussions and links to similar resources.

Global Warming: What You Need To Know:: Discovery Channel special with Tom Brokaw that visits global warming tipping points across the planet, talks to the world¬s leading experts, and examines the latest evidence about global warming.

The Global Warming Debate:: In-depth coverage of global warming, related research and policy decisions.

Consequences of Global Warming:: Archives research material and public opinion of global warming, as well as its causes and effects. Features linked news articles debating whether global warming is fact or fiction.

Global Warming Truth:: Information on global warming and possible solutions.

World View of Global Warming:: Photographic documentation of climate change around the world. Focuses on effects such as shrinking glaciers, coral bleaching, insect and animal range changes, phenology, and rising sea level.

National Geographic - Global Warming:: Provides news and information on the causes, effects, science and solutions. Includes EarthPulse interactive maps and links to related features.

New York Times - Global Warming:: Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources.

AIP - The Discovery of Global Warming:: A hypertext history of how scientists came to (partly) understand what people are doing to cause climate change, told in a set of hyperlinked essays by Spencer Weart. From tthe American Institute of Physics.

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