Inter-comparison and Assessment of In situ and Remote Sea Ice Thickness Estimates

Inter-comparison and Assessment of In situ and Remote Sea Ice Thickness Estimates Related

Variations in the Age of Arctic Sea-ice and Summer Sea-ice Extent:: Abstract and full text of a study by Ignatius G. Rigor and John M. Wallace.

Polar Ice Sheets, Melting, and Sea Level Change:: Presentation by Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University. Includes data, estimates, models and projections, discussion of key issues, graphs, photographs, and graphical representation of satellite altimeter measurements. [PDF]

Remote Data, Inc.:: Designs and builds custom monitors for water, air, weather and soil for people who want real-time data from distant or difficult locations.

Comparison of Differentially Corrected GPS Sources for Support of Site-Specific Management in Agriculture:: The Agricultural Research Center, Hays conducted a comparison of three DGPS correction sources in both static and dynamic modes. Photos and results are published in a K-State Special Publication. [PDF]

In-Situ, Inc.:: Supplies water level and water quality instrumentation for hydrologic monitoring equipment and field data logging of water level and quality.

In-Situ Fixation, Inc.:: Company providing in situ remediation/treatment of soil and groundwater utilizing dual auger soil mixing technology. Specializing in bioremediation and thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction. Site has information on these and other technologies, including zero valent iron injection.

Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology (LARSE) - Oregon State:: Provides research data and links to MODLand products such as surface reflectance, spectral vegetation indices, land cover, the absorbed fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (FPAR), leaf area index (LAI), net primary productivity (NPP), and land surface temperature.

A Training Guide for In Situ Conservation On-farm:: Aims to give national programs basic technical skills and tools to build institutional capacity and partnerships to implement an on-farm conservation program. PDF or MS Word formats.

EnISSA: Enhanced in Situ Soil Analysis:: Offers detection and mapping of soil contaminants using a membrane interface probe for fast, quantitative analysis with low detection limits.

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