Temperature Trends: Surface (CRU)

Temperature Trends: Surface (CRU) Related

Temperature Trends: Surface (GISS):: Global Historical Climate Network data, analysed by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Includes background information, table data, individual station data, graphs, maps, animations, and references.

Temperature Trends: Atmospheric (Satellite MSU - RSS):: One of two conflicting analyses of atmospheric temperatures derived from satellite observations. Browse images and download data. From Remote Sensing Systems, in collaboration with the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory.

Reconciling Observations of Global Temperature Change:: Full-text online version of book from the (US) National Academy of Sciences, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, a detailed investigation into differences between surface temperatures and those of the lower troposphere, concluding that the warming trend is "undoubtedly real." From National Academies Press. (July, 2000)

Agrimark Trends (AMT):: AMT is a South African based company that specialises in the analysis and forecasting of South African, as well as regional agricultural industry and market information. The purpose of our services is to enhance production, management and marketing efficiency within agriculture through timely and well prepared market trend analysis. Mission : “AMT focuses on research and on the interpretation and dissemination of domestic and international

Trends of Desertification and its Rehabilitation in China:: By Zhu Zhenda.

Van Koppen Plants & Trends:: Dutch producer of Spathiphyllum, and foliage and flowering varieties of Anthurium. Products include plain potted varieties and "trends" in ceramic pots. Multilingual site.

Trends in Global Aquaculture Production:1984-1996:: A report commissioned by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Service.

Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP) - Transportation Action Network:: Progressive transportation policy focusing on communities, land use, environment, air quality, public involvement, sustainability, and planning.

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