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NPR: Environmental Crime:: Talk of the Nation program discussing how punishing polluters by sending them to jail, rather than just imposing fines, is becoming more common.

NPR Science Friday : Bioremediation:: A discussion about bioremediation with Barbara Methe, Collaborative investigator, The Institute for Genomic Research, and Derek Lovley, distinguished university professor and head of the department of microbiology, University of Massachusetts. [32:17 streaming audio broadcast] (December 12, 2003)

NPR : Arsenic Eating Microbe Discovered:: Researchers in California have discovered a microbe that feasts on arsenic. [3:55 streaming audio broadcast] (May 26, 2005)

Biomass Connections:: Features resources, information, and discussion for agricultural professionals interested in raising and harvesting woody biomass, switchgrass, and other energy crops.

Bar Connections:: Bar gear, t-shirts and promotional items from Australian and other breweries and distillers.

Culinary Connections:: Services include business development, prepared foods, product and menu development, marketing, operations and financial systems management, facilities design, human resources and technology.

Aquaculture Connections:: Aquaculture Connections provides personalised expert knowledge and services to aquaculture and seafood business owners and managers. We also provide wide ranging advice to major financial and management firms looking at investment opportunities in aquaculture. Aquaculture Connections partners are familiar with challenges faced by business owners and managers and can offer skills and advice gained through many years of experience with small, mediu

Aquaculture Connections:: Aquaculture Connections provides in-depth knowledge and contemporary expertise embracing the many aspects of aquaculture. We work with you to meet all your Hatchery, Farming, Processing, Sales and Marketing and Financial Needs. Our advice and ' hands on ' approach is underpinned by more than 60 years aquaculture experience by Aquaculture Connections partners in Australia, the Pacific and South East Asian countries. This experience includes both s

Indoor Environment Connections:: Offers information about a trade magazine for commercial, industrial, and institutional building owners providing data about indoor environmental issues.

NPR : Feeding the World with Deep-Sea Fish Farms:: Story reporting that a Hawaiian firm has become one of the first to launch deep-sea fish farms: in waters some 200 feet deep, Kona Blue is raising fish in giant netted cages. Includes some additional text about fish farming's past and future. [4:31 streaming audio broadcast] (March 21, 2006)

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