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The Conservation Foundation:: Established in 1972 by business and community leaders, The Conservation Foundation is a not-for-profit land and watershed protection organization. Our headquarters are located in Naperville, Illinois, on a 60-acre working farm, and we have a program office at the Dickson-Murst Farm in Montgomery, Illinois. Our mission is to preserve open space and natural lands, protect rivers and watersheds, and promote stewardship of our environment. A support

Conservation Law Foundation:: Uses law, economics and science to solve the environmental problems that threaten the people, natural resources and communities of New England.

Rottnest Conservation Foundation, Inc:: Project to conserve Rottnest Island off Western Australia, its delicate eco system and its unique heritage buildings.

Pottawattamie Conservation Foundation:: Nonprofit corporation formed to provide financial support for habitat preservation projects and environmental education programs.

Illinois Conservation Foundation:: Working to preserve and enhance the State's natural resources by supporting and fostering ecological, educational, and recreational programs.

Nature Conservation Foundation:: Researches on conservation issues and strategies in India, including wildlife habitats, human conflict, environmental policy, and education. Site gives programs, publications, and people.

Alaska Conservation Foundation:: Community foundation for the environment that receives and awards grants throughout the state to protect ecosystems and promote sustainable livelihoods for communities and people.

The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation:: Raises funds and works for the survival of tigers, elephants, rhinos and other critically endangered mammals in the wild.

Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation:: Nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of tropical habitats, and the conservation of their plants and animals. Details on four projects in Ecuador.

The Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF):: ANCF is a small group of conservation scientists, planners, information managers and administrators working together to support the conservation of biological diversity in India. ANCF was established in 1997 as a charitable trust by the eminent conservation scientist, Prof Raman Sukumar, Chair of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It is governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by Prof Sukumar. Mr Thomas Mat

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