Tall Timbers Research Station Related

Oxford Tobacco Research Station:: Aims to increase tobacco and crop production efficiency, tobacco quality, and to identify crop management systems that conserve and protect water.

Fatima Agroecological Research Station:: ECAF focuses in fomenting the investigation, looking for the communitarian development for the good environmental practices. The programs and projects to date raised and in execution, of people pertaining to the ECAF and people who visit to us, are designed in search of the harmonic development between all the components of the ecosystem to generate significant contributions to the conservation of the amazonian ecosystems fomenting the participat

North Central Research Station:: As part of Forest Service Research and Development, we seek to understand all of the elements of forests and related landscapes. In the Northern Research Station, we work across a dynamic land with incredible social, biological, and physical diversity. Through this fabric of nature and of human needs and expectations run the recurring threads of disturbance and recovery following pest and disease outbreaks, extreme weather events, and fire. Our r

USFS - Northern Research Station - Midwest U.S.:: Natural resource research and development in the Midwest. Provides the scientific basis for decisions and policies that affect the management and use of forests in the region.

USFS - Rocky Mountain Research Station:: Conducts research in forestry resource science and technology for forest sustainability and productivity in Rocky Mountain ecosystems and environmental quality.

Phytoremediation Research (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station):: Phytoremediation is the use of green plants to remove, contain, or render harmless environmental contaminants. It is a promising technology that addresses clean-up of organic solvents, PCBs, heavy metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, explosives and energetics, or nutrients.

Marine Research Station Layang Layang, Malaysia:: MARSAL undertakes research into biodiversity, fisheries, coral reefs, biotechnology and marine geology in a unique area within Malaysian waters in the South China Sea.

Moxon Timbers Inc.:: Imports and exports exotic and domestic timbers, lumber, and flooring from all over the world.

Oklahoma - Cross Timbers Land, LLC:: Farms, ranches and acreage in Oklahoma and the southwest.

Tall Bearded Irises:: Grower of over several hundred tall bearded iris varieties, located in Virginia. Offers gallon-sized potted plants and bare root rhizomes by mail order in summer. Catalog request by e-mail.

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