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Corn, Soil Tillage and Soil Erosion:: Specific information regarding soil management and the benefit of corn when combatting erosion.

Soil Erosion Net:: Collection of information on soil erosion from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Soil Erosion on Farmland:: Online publication from New Zealand government sustainable agriculture program. Intended as a source of information for use by farmers, local government, farmer organisations, farm advisers and others who have an influence on rural land use.

Erosion Control and Soaked Soil.:: Albright Seed Company: Information on the use of grass as a form of erosion control.

Geoindicators: Soil and Sediment Erosion:: Basic information about erosion patterns, causes, and solutions.

Erosion and Soil and Water Conservation Group:: Information on this group based at Wageningen University which focuses on education and research into preventing, reducing or recovering losses of soil, water and plant nutrients.

National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory:: US Department of Agriculture research lab focusing on fundamental erosion process research, erosion control research and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

Environmental and Economic Costs of Soil Erosion and Conservation Benefits:: Excerpts from article in Science magazine, by Pimentel et al . (1995).

USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory:: Information regarding: Erosion process research, erosion control research, and delivery of improved erosion prediction technology.

Characteristics of Erosion Control Measures and Their Impact on Erosion:: Goals of the project are to develop a better understanding of the interactions of erosion control measures and fundamental erosion principles.

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