Conservation Fund, The

Conservation Fund, The Related

The Catch Conservation Fund:: A non-profit organization dedicated to saving the endangered sea turtles of Costa Rica. Includes information on turtles, beach patrols, educational initiatives and how members of the public can help.

Rainforest Conservation Fund:: A non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving the world's tropical forests.

Canberra Birds Conservation Fund (CBCF):: The Canberra Birds Conservation Fund (CBCF) has been established for the purpose of supporting the Canberra Ornithologists Group’s (COG) environmental objects by receiving and disbursing tax deductible donations. COG’s environmental objects are ‘to promote the conservation of native birds and their habitats’, with particular reference to the native birds and their habitats in the Canberra region. Anyone concerned for the conservation of b

Soft Fund Ltd.:: EOL-2000 is an integrated system for the evaluation of air pollution produced from industrial sources. It provides full-functional modelling environment. Implements OND-86 regulatory dispersion model. English shareware version is available.

Peregrine Fund:: Works to conserve wild populations of birds of prey.

The Carbon Fund:: The Carbon Fund is financing and promoting the protection, restoration and enhancement of forests all over the world through carbon sequestration, an important tool in preventing global climate change.

Sempervirens Fund:: A private, nonprofit land conservancy dedicated to protecting coast redwood land and making that land available for public enjoyment.

Free The Bears Fund Inc:: This organization raises funds for projects supporting bear conservation and rescue, such as dancing bears in India, sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, and alternative livelihoods and environmental education to prevent the illegal trade in bears and bear parts.

Save the Tiger Fund:: Provides information on the remaining five subspecies of tigers and efforts to conserve them. Includes news, research and education.

EcoLogic Development Fund:: Established to conserve endangered wildlife and wildlands by working to advance community-based development and resource management.

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