The Irish Environmental Network

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Chicagoland Environmental Network:: An environmental resource on environmental issues, volunteer opportunities, organizations, and resources in northeastern Illinois. CEN includes over 210 participating environmental organizations and agencies involved in habitat restoration, wetlands, prairies, watershed projects, urban gardening, revitalization programs, energy conservation, composting, wildlife conservation, and recycling.

Environmental Change Network:: About the UK's long-term environmental monitoring program, with summary database, real-time weather data, information about monitoring protocols, education material, and other interpreted data products.

Environmental News Network:: Site for daily news and information on the environment and natural resources.

Women's Environmental Network:: WEN was founded in 1988 by pioneers of the environmental justice movement, inspiring and dedicated women who recognised that saving the planet is about social justice and human rights. They called for a different way of thinking about and acting on environmental issues, and their voices echo down the decades to our work today.

Environmental Weeds Action Network:: EWAN is a community initiative to tackle the problem of environmental weeds in bushland and waterways in Australia. Includes downloadable instructions for dealing with problem species.

Children's Environmental Health Network:: The CEHN is a national multidisciplinary project whose purpose is to protect the health of children as it relates to environmental hazards.

Canadian Environmental Network (CEN):: Supports, facilitates, and advances the work of its member groups to protect the Earth and promote ecologically sound ways of life.

Helios Environmental Resource Network:: A directory of environmentally sound and healthful products and services in the Eugene, Oregon region.

Environmental Consultants Social Network:: Environmental Consultants : Contribute, Network, Find Answers. A Social Networking Community for Environmental Consultants and Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

Environmental Funders Network (EFN):: The EFN is a joint program between the Maine Community Foundation and Maine Philanthropy Center. With a committed and active steering committee of funders at the helm, we provide opportunities for other environmental funders to exchange information, explore new ideas, and fund projects and organizations together. The Environmental Funders Network helps to sustain Maine’s natural environment and strengthen its connection to Maine’s people,

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Women's Environmental Network
Cholamandalam MS Risk Services
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)
Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS)
Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)