The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan Related

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (LUFS):: Student branch of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Includes photographs, links, and information on environmental lectures and field excursions.

Japan International Food and Aquaculture Society:: An association of Aquaculture Companies for the purposes of researching and developing land based aquaculture systems, and new food production technologies. Includes information on super-intensive shrimp production methods.

Nature Society:: Dedicated to the study, conservation, and enjoyment of natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia, and the surrounding regions.

Journal for Nature Conservation:: International interdisciplinary journal providing a forum for the communication of modern approaches to nature conservation.

Nature Conservation Foundation:: Researches on conservation issues and strategies in India, including wildlife habitats, human conflict, environmental policy, and education. Site gives programs, publications, and people.

International Trust for Nature Conservation:: A UK charity working mainly in Nepal and India. Gives information on species and habitat protection, monitoring, reforestation and environmental education.

Joint Nature Conservation Committee:: Advises the U.K. Government on national and international conservation, setting standards for wildlife and earth heritage habitats.

Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group:: Carries out ecological research aimed at gaining insight into processes at the ecosytem and population level and uses those insights to optimise nature conservation.

New South Wales Nature Conservation Council:: The umbrella organisation for around 120 conservation and environment groups.

The Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF):: ANCF is a small group of conservation scientists, planners, information managers and administrators working together to support the conservation of biological diversity in India. ANCF was established in 1997 as a charitable trust by the eminent conservation scientist, Prof Raman Sukumar, Chair of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It is governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by Prof Sukumar. Mr Thomas Mat

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 Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship
Kalahari Conservation Society
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