Aral Sea Region Development and Humanitarian Assistance Program

Aral Sea Region Development and Humanitarian Assistance Program Related

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Recovery Assistance:: Provides critical housing and community development resources to aid disaster recovery. Includes information on HUD's Disaster Recovery Teams and updates on specific projects.

Agricultural Development in the Eastern Region (ADER):: Ader, Agricultural Development Information is is a support network for new and existing businesses in the South East of England. We offer a wide range of services to help your business grow and flourish. We offer wildlife surveys, ecological consultancy & environmental consultancy services, GIS, wildlife gardens design, habitat creation, wildlife watching, environmental education & nature activities, and free e-mail advice.

Id Mer - Technical Institute for the Development of Sea Products:: Provides technical assistance in the following areas : customizing development of new products and food processes, enhancing value of by-products, and pre-industrial trials.

Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Program:: The Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Program (SD) at Appalachian State University (ASU) is an 18 year-old program with 26 faculty members across 11 departments and three colleges. Since the program was established in 1991, undergraduate students have been able to minor in or concentrate in Sustainable Development. Beginning in 1996, students pursuing graduate work in Appalachian Studies could also concentrate in Sustainable Development.

Affordable Sustainability Technical Assistance for HOME:: Provides technical assistance to recipients of HOME grants in incorporating sustainable design into affordable housing.

Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site:: REAC/TS is part of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Trains, consults, or assists in response to all types of radiation accidents or incidents. Provides guidance, resources and links.

Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center (PNEAC):: Provides the most current and complete compliance assistance and pollution prevention information to the printing industry.

Variations in the Age of Arctic Sea-ice and Summer Sea-ice Extent:: Abstract and full text of a study by Ignatius G. Rigor and John M. Wallace.

Annapurna Region:: Day-by-day outlines for five different treks.

Region 8 Enviro:: Region 8 Enviro LLC opened its doors as Environmental Resource Technologies (ERT) in March of 2005. ERT is now a subsidiary of Region 8 Enviro LLC and is Colorado’s only Government Certified Destination Facility for Universal Waste Recycling. With over forty five years of combined experience in the Recyclable Materials Industry, Region 8 Enviro LLC offers a wide variety of environmental services. Whether your needs are electronic recycling, env

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Disasters Emergency Committee
Emergency Management Australia (EMA)
MEMA: Hurricane Gustav Information
Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED)