Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Ragwort Poisoning in Livestock: Prevention and Control:: Provides information on this poisonous plant, seldom a problem in grazed pastures but toxic in conserved fodder, the symptoms of poisoning and the control of the plant. [PDF]

Panama Disease Control:: Information on this disease of bananas caused by the Fusarium wilt fungus, the different strains, the symptoms and control.

Biology and Control of Take-all Disease:: Information on the fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis, which is a major root-rot pathogen of cereals and grasses.

Plant Disease Control:: An online guide to Plant Disease Control, Oregon State University Extension. This "online guide" contains the A to Z text sections and many articles from the PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook. The ability to request a search provides access to these text sections in ways never before possible. The addition of color photographs also enhances the use of these sections for plant disease diagnosis. The fact sheet button is intended to create a si

Pepper Disease Control:: Describes the more important diseases, lists recommended fungicides and provides a 10 point control program.

Plant Disease Control: Strawberry:: Detailed information on about fifteen diseases which can affect this crop and the control methods available.

Plant Disease Control: Blackberry:: Photographs and detailed information on a number of diseases that can affect this crop and their control.

Plant Disease Control: Raspberry:: Detailed information on about fifteen diseases which can affect this crop and the control methods available.

Missouri Rice Disease Control:: Description, control and management of diseases, with information on seed treatment and foliar fungicides.

Winter Wheat Disease Control:: Technical note describing the external factors that can influence the severity of foliar, stem base and root diseases in wheat and how they can be used to manage disease in an integrated disease programme. [PDF]

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